Cissie Lowe Young is a knowledgable Elvis fan who heads the "Elvis: Find Out What's Happening" Elvis Presley Fan Club as their president. Ms. Young is also an officer of the "Elvis Presley Network" Est. 1989. Both organizations are registered with Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Cissie has become a friend to many of Elvis' friends and to thousands of fans worldwide. Cissie is friendly and has a cheery disposition that charms everyone that she meets. 

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​Cissie's Corner

Elvis Presley's Final Concert, June 26, 1977

Complete Audio

At counter (1:08:18) Elvis introduces Don Wilson simply by his name and laughs after he didn't receive any applause! LOL

It was Elvis introduced Ginger and Rosemary Alden and before he introduces his cousin Patsy Presley. Elvis then sang "Can't Help Falling In Love" and closed his last live performance.

Cissie Lowe Young, Mindi Miller and Don Wilson at Graceland. 

      Cissie Lowe Young and singer Ronnie McDowell.

Cissie Lowe Young, Don Wilson, Niecy Richardson and Keith Kivell. 

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