"Don Wilson created the most complete documentary on Elvis Presley's life and music. I was one of the interviewees. Sadly, it was blocked from distribution by copyright battles. It's a treasure if you can find it." - Linda Deutsch

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I have been knocking around Hollywood for decades and I have met a lot of fascinating and talented people. I invite you to join me here on Don Wilson's Hollywood Beat. I have interviewed hundreds of people during my career and I missed it. Now, I am back in the writer's seat, banging out keys on the typewriter, bringing you stories of stars - past and present. Little known facts, untold stories, and exclusive photos. I have met just about everybody there is to meet in this town. Some good, some bad, But my writing isn't about gossip, it's about facts. It's an upbeat spot. I invite you to check the site out! More content will be added daily. Thank you and if you get a tip send me a private message on the contact page.

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Special Thanks to the following people for their encouragement to start this website. - Don Wilson

Don Wilson and Billy Swan recorded a duet of Billy's classic "I Can Help" in 2003.

"I really enjoy your fascinating shares and photos you post. Some a blast from the past, as well as the current ones of you and friends at various events. I like keeping up with what's happening these days in the fun zone." - Quinn O'Hara

Hugh M. Hefner and Don Wilson on Hef's Birthday in 2000.

   Johnny Cash and Don Wilson

"Don is one of the most unique guys I've known. He's so talented, kind and interesting. I so enjoy sharing his memories and photos of his amazing celebrity friends. I enjoy his friendship and it's fun exchanging memories and stories. Most of all Don is a gentleman! Thank you Don for being you 💋 - Gennifer Flowers


​Larry Geller

 Marilyn Monroe Articles

"Don, You're my kind of guy!" - Shecky Greene

"I've known Don Wilson for many years, he's a great fellow. He's a very, very dear friend of mine and he takes care of business!"- Richard Davis

"Congratulations Don! This is a great idea and no one is better qualified to do this than you!" - Celeste Yarnall

"Don Wilson has his thumb on the pulse of Hollywood!" - Tony Curtis, 2001

"A 'go-getter' Don has a distinctive style which gives his readers a unique insight to into the "goings on" in Hollywood and beyond. Having known Don for a long time, I can attest to his many talents and excellent abilities." - Kathy Garver

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    Elvis' last known letter - to Don. 

      The Elvis Beat

"Anything my friend Don Wilson does is done with class. This is awesome." - Henry Vaccaro

"Can't wait, Don! And what great stories you have to tell!" - Cheri Woods

    Jose Feliciano and Don

"Don is right up on what's happening with Elvis! I've known Don Wilson for many years and found him to be a fine maW of character - very honest and loyal." - George Klein

RIP GK 1935-2019

Don Wilson, Niecy Richardson, and John Schneider in Hollywood.

"Don is in the unique position of someone who has not only lived through some incredible times, but he's able to share those experiences with us. His personality and will hook you and the stories just keep you coming back for more. Don is a true gem in the Entertainment mosaic!" 

- Jason Rupe

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"You are so talented, Don! Your stories are always engaging, thoughtful and pleasurable to read. I love the ones about Vincent Price and Robert Mitchum! I am looking forward to checking your new site out :) " - Tommie Flannery Baskis, Photographer / Artist


Timeless Hollywood Stars! Interviews! News! Reviews! Exclusive Photos! Scoops! Just the facts! Where Are They Now Features!  If you love Hollywood - you'll love Don Wilson's Hollywood Beat!

"Don, I am enjoying your new website. Wishing you the best on all your projects. Your Friend, Becky Yancey "

Secretary to Elvis Presley, 1962-1974

"My dear and longtime friend, Don Wilson is a treasure among men. He has a fascinating history of knowing and meeting many of Hollywood's elite and the worlds' finest entertainers! With his warm heart, and engaging personality, he has created a niche for himself from Hollywood to New York to Tennessee. I had the distinct joy of being interviewed for his documentary, "The Definitive Elvis". He has always treated people with the utmost respect and sincerity and I am truly blessed to know him all these wonderful years! As E would say, "SON, UR ON UR OWN!" - Mindi Miller

Former Girlfriend of Elvis Presley, 1975/1976. Actress/Model

Tommie, Don and Niecy

"I’m truly honored to have Don Wilson as a close and trusted friend for many years.  His unique talent and good nature have allowed him to connect with a literal who’s who of Hollywood. From the music, TV and motion picture industries, to the most celebrated icons of our time - even being befriended by the greatest star of them all, Elvis Presley – doors have opened for Don. He has amassed an historic treasure trove of personal photos and memorabilia, with the most intimate firsthand stories behind them. The entire entertainment industry has opened their arms to this one-of-a-kind individual – and now we’re privileged to share his journey.” - Larry Geller

Keep up with Elvis and his legacy on The Elvis Beat! This blog will be written by Elvis Insiders such as Don Wilson, Larry Geller, Patsy Andersen-Presley and more! Other writers are at their typewriters at this time and will bring you news, updates, exclusive interviews, stories and record reviews! More details soon!

Robert Wagner and Don Wilson

"Don Wilson has had a lifelong fascination with classic Hollywood films and stars, as well as a special passion for music. His knowledge in both departments is mighty impressive." - Steve Stoliar

"I am proud to call Don Wilson a friend. From the first time I met him in Hollywood, I knew he was special. He is a person one can believe what he says is true. He goes way back in the Elvis World with his love and admiration of Elvis, from a very young boy and going forward till time stands no more. 
His kindness to Elvis's memory and the family surrounding Elvis, and Elvis fans is inspiring, endearing, respectful and trustworthy. He has met so many famous persons and throughout his life, he treats everyone as the star they are. 
I know everyone who meets Don, appreciates his sincere love and kindness that he shares with the world. Elvis knew those who were kind, sincere in his life, and I know he cared for Don and appreciated him, as I do and all those who meet Don. I always enjoy Don's posts, like time stopped in a bottle...
So much history on his sites, his posts, and through it all, his sweet soul shines through. Thank you, Don, for being one of the nicest persons I know. I love you and God bless you, dear friend." - Barbara Leigh

One of my dearest friends was Jeanne Carmen.

"Don, It's going to be GREAT! I can't wait!" - Dorothy Dale Kloss

"I love Don's Website! Not only does it contain a plethora of info about one of my former boyfriends, Elvis, as you know, but so many interesting Hollywood stars! Please keep sharing your precious memories! ❤️JC

- JoCathy Brownlee Elkington

Former Girlfriend of Elvis Presley

Don Wilson escorted Tempest Storm on November 2, 2002, at the Henry Fonda Theatre. She performed that night - Hugh Hefner was front and center.

Niecy Richardson

"I've known Don for over 30 years, he's honest, very upstanding, kind and very sweet. I just love him to death! An all around great guy! Don has a terrific Elvis knowledge, he was there with Elvis and the guys. If there's something he doesn't know, he researches to find the answer." - Patsy Andersen-Presley

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