Mindi Miller with Andrew Hearn

Mindi Miller and L.Q. Jones at the Silver Spur Awards.

Mindi With Fans!

Ernest Borgnine, Mindi Miller and Bryan Cranston in "The Big Turnaround" in 1988.

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Sacred Ground

Mindi Miller and Joe Esposito in 2001. Photo: Don Wilson

        Mindi Miller on The George Klein Show

Mindi In The UK!

Mindi Miller starred with Jack Elam in "Sacred Ground" in 1983.

Mindi Miller

Mindi Miller, Robert Wagner and Sharon Gless co-starred in the CBS-TV series, "Switch".

Elvis Presley's Last True Loves -His Girlfriend Mindi Miller Tells All - LIVE on CKONFM.com

Mindi Miller was born on July 10, 1950, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an actress, known for "Body Double" (1984), "Amazons" (1986), and "Hell Up in Harlem" (1973). Miller wears many hats including singer, actress, model, film and television star. She has also charmed many Elvis Presley fans with her recent appearances at fan festivals in the United States and the United Kingdom. Miller was a girlfriend of Elvis's in 1975 and 1976. her first interview and their relationship was in 2001 for the production of "The Definitive Elvis".

Mindy performed all her own stunt work, she used no body doubles. She has been trained extensively in Karate (Shotokan and Kenpo). In addition, she is trained in using firearms, sword fighting, horseback riding, hand to hand combat, and gymnastics. Her natural ability comes from her father, Dave Kashner, who was one of the top stuntmen of his time, known as the father of the Bull Whip in Hollywood, and who taught many of the top principal actors in Hollywood from silent film eras up to and through the 1990s. Miller later worked with many of the same people in her films that her father did, including Jack Elam who was one of the top Western character actors of his day.

Mindi's screen credits include starring roles in "Sacred Ground" with Jack Elam, "Penitentiary III", "Amazon", "Turn Around", "Deadly Embrace" and "Caged Fury". Miller was also featured in the films"Body Double", "Batman Returns", "Paternity" and "Ice Pirates", besides acting roles, Mindi performed stunts for some of these features. In television roles and appearances, Miller co-starred as 'Revel' on the CBS-TV series "Switch", which starred Robert Wagner and Eddie Albert from 1975-1978. She co-starred in the NBC-TV miniseries "V" and she appeared as 'Daisy' on CBS'"Scarecrow & Mrs. King".

Mindi guest-starred on "Knight Rider", Quark", and as 'Sandy' on "David Cassidy - Man Undercover", among other appearances, including a principal role on "Days Of Our Lives" and featured in seven episodes of "Flamingo Road".

Mindi has also appeared on "Entertainment Tonight" as a skin and beauty expert, a beauty consultant on "The Rikki Lake Show", as she is a Board-certified licensed Para-Medical Esthetician in skincare. An expert beauty and health consultant and she is available for public speaking and personal appearances.

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Elvis & Mindi

Mindi Miller and Robert Wagner in the CBS-TV Series "Switch".

Mindi Miller with Elvis Presley on a concert tour.

A review from Steven Gregory:

"I recently watched the dvd interview conducted by Essential Elvis UK with Elvis' friend Mindi Miller. The total running time is a little less than 90 minutes, and there is absolutely *no* filler. There is no point of the interview where one thinks, "I already knew all this," or, "Move on to the good stuff."

Mindi has a unique story to tell, and she does so engagingly with exceptional poise. She is so earnest, and she has absolutely no agenda other than to represent Elvis, and I think God even more, with respect and love. There are three things in her interview that I find particularly memorable.

The first, which comes before she goes deeply into her own memories, is a reminder to everyone that if a friend of Elvis has ever sold jewelry or some other item, this was not a sign of disrespect but an honoring of Elvis' intentions with his gifts to make sure he took care of his friends' needs if they ever found themselves in financial straits.

Second, Mindi describes with very specific details Elvis' appreciation for his fans, shown after practically every concert by being in awe of all the cars in the parking lot, or by receiving kids brought toward him on stage in a way, reminiscent of Jesus with the children, and unlike what any rock singer would do today.

Third, don't expect Mindi to hold back her knowledge of Elvis' spirituality to avoid making our modern skeptical age comfortable. She tells the absolute truth about what she witnessed and what truly motivated the man more than anything. Particularly remarkable is her story of driving with Elvis through a heavy storm, which no summation can do justice.

If you have been considering whether to add this dvd to your Elvis collection--and I have a large collection myself--there is no need to hesitate because I guarantee you won't have anything else quite like this. Essential Elvis UK did a great job with the dvd, and I found it immensely enjoyable."

- Steven Gregory

Mindi Miller and Don Wilson in 2001: Photo: Joe Esposito


The master copy of the ESSENTIAL ELVIS EVENT that I did in England this summer in July is finally ready. Many of my friends and others have been asking me when it can be sent out in the U. S. If you would like to purchase one please PM me on my Facebook "Like" page for information. I want to thank Steven Gregory for this lovely and so appreciative post that he did. (Below) I did not ask him to do it by the way! Lol.....much love to everybody and hoping your day is filled with joy !!

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Actress, Model, Spokesperson, Beauty Expert, Para-Medical Esthetician, You Tube Beauty Host, Stunt Woman

Mindi Miller performed all of her own stunts in the films that she appeared in!

Mindi Miller Photo: Brooks Wachtel

Mindi Miller has held these national titles, "The Gold Coast Pageant", "Miss Elegant Lady", "Marma's Beauty Pageant" and "Ms. Hollywood".

                     Mindi Miller starred as 'Revel' in CBS-TV's "Switch". Mindi is seen here with Robert Wagner and Sharon Gless.

Mindi Miller in the Sci-Fi series, "Quark" in 1978. The show starred actor Richard Benjamin.

Radiant Mindi at the Silver Spur Awards!

Mindi Miller descending the Lisa Marie plane with her boyfriend, Elvis Presley in 1976.

Don Wilson and Mindi Miller in 2016 and 2017.

Mindi Miller and Joe Esposito in 2016.

    Mindi Miller on The Cindy Cochran Show