Cindy Cochran and Don Wilson at KTRK-TV 13's News Department in Houston, Texas.


Wayne Jackson and Don Wilson after an airing of "Mystery Train" in 1992. Wayne was a member of the legendary Memphis Horns.

If you are an Elvis Presley fan you do not want to miss this of Elvis' closest confidantes and his Road Manager, Joe Esposito passed away a few weeks ago and Don Wilson our L.A. and Elvis Presley connection was a very close friend of many stories and information you won't read in the fan magazines...exclusively for the Cindy Cochran Show listeners.... Enjoy a tribute to Joe... Type your paragraph here.

Don Wilson is my guest checking in with us from L.A.. Elvis Presley took Don under his wing when he lost his entire family in a car crash...Don brings our audience a side of Elvis and personal memories that few ever knew...Hear a 1970 press conference with Elvis right before he appeared at the Houston Rodeo... Can't miss this one!

Cindy Cochran on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson.

After I appeared on the BBC, I received this nice note from Tom Greenard.

My mentor is George Klein the legendary DJ on WHBQ Radio in Memphis. GK would have me on his show from time to time and I have filled in for him at Marlowe's in Memphis albeit a long time ago. GK appeared on my radio show and in documentaries that I worked on. GK is now on Sirius Elvis Radio.

Don Wilson and Krista Joy of the TCB Radio Network.

Don Wilson with guest Red West in 1995. Red told of his years with Elvis Presley and of his own acting career.

TCB Radio Network Live - Don Wilson Interview. September 19, 2017.

The person who received the last letter Elvis Presley wrote two weeks before his death was Don Wilson, I met Don when he came to Channel 13 in 1976, the station wanted to interview him when they found out that Elvis Presley, years before had taken him under his wing after his Mother, Father, and sister were killed in a horrific car accident...what a whirlwind life since then, he is going to share with us his own personal stories from his office in Los can't miss this it's an exclusive for the Cindy Cochran Show...

The Paul Graham Show

Glen Campbell appeared on my radio show in 1995.

Don Wilson and Mac Davis in Beverly Hills.

Singers / Radio personalities Celia McRee and Don Wilson at a party in 2003. Celia and I hosted separate shows, I had "Mystery Train" and she hosted "Indian Talk". Celia is a direct descendant of Pocahontas. Celia and I also hosted a morning show together called "Rock Waves".

TCB Radio Network Live - Don Wilson Interview. April 24, 2018

Dennis Muirhead and Billy Swan when they appeared on my radio show in 1992.

Elvis' aide Lamar Fike was one of my first interviews in 1992.

Don't miss this show...Don Wilson is my special guest and his experience as a teenager with Elvis Presley as a mentor is absolutely fascinating...but his being in L.A. and a Republican is the most fascinating to me...what a story and worldview...Join us!

Peter Alden, Don Wilson and Krista Joy.

Souvenirs from Gene Autry after his appearance on my radio Show.

Willie Nelson and Don Wilson in Memphis, 1992.

One of my major influences, especially on radio is Wink Martindale. A legend in his own time.

​Don Wilson hosting the "Mystery Train" radio show in 1994. The catch phrase was "You're riding on the Mystery Train and you never know what's around the bend!".

Don Wilson with George Klein.

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       Krista Joy and Mindi Miller